Junge Helden

One thing that is close to our hearts:

EJunge Helden e.V. is a non-profit organization that educates young people across Germany about organ donation.
Junge stands out with the series of events “A Club Full of Heroes”, the educational film “The decisive thing is the decision” and, most recently, with the Live Saving Wallpapers campaign Helden e.V. always comes up with new ideas to address the issue of organ donation to make heard. Junge Helden e.V. is a personal tiger association that has been working since 2003 for a decision-making education about organ donation acts. The aim of the association is to advance motivate all-round and young living to make a decision and these relatives and friends heard with. 2003 by Claudia Kotter, her family and Heard of friends, the club is today made up of a core team and commitment different volunteers growing persons entitled to retention. We think Young Heroes are great and try to turn the organization around. You find with a certain in our package not just one of our own, either also an organ donation card.